Car Racing Deluxe

Car Racing Deluxe 3.16

A car racing video game

Save yourself from the lava mouth and race off from the meteorite shower. Move to the neighboring cities with the help of weapons and pick up bonuses.

Car Racing Deluxe 2.0 is a free fun car racing game. It´s installation is really easy and you can add the toolbar during it´s process in order to gain direct access to hundreds of free games. After the installation is done you will be able to configure general features under the section options, among this options you will see the screen view, music, sounds and your country. Also at the main screen of the game you can access the highscores registry and a help section that has all the information related to the overview of the game, it´s objectives and the controls. In this crazy race you are not racing for fortune and fame against other racers, you are racing for your life; after a meteor rain, your city is destroyed and there is only one car working, so your only objective is to drive all the way to the neighbour city hoping it is not destroyed. During your race the obstacles in the road will be the destroyed cars, and poles, also there are still some meteors falling so be careful. The movements of the car are controlled by the arrow keys in the keyboard. You may think that as you start being far away from home there would be less obstacles but is not that way, each level will be harder and more demolished cars and poles will be on your way.

Augusto Rivera
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